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Worthy winners of the House Logo competition announced!

05 June 2020  |  G Denison

As many of you will know, the first competition in our new house system was to create a representative emblem for the houses. These shields will be used throughout the house system, creating an instantly recognisable brand for each house, along with a reminder of the values that we promote in our school community.

Victorious student, Aimee Jagger (Radcliffe) has stated, ‘There are so many amazing artists in this school. I felt that there were many great designs, and I’m lucky to have my art chosen. It feels amazing to have achieved this success!’.

Danny Appleton, winner for House Chapman made the following comment, ‘I didn’t expect my design to be chosen. I am very impressed with the final shield which looks really good!’.
Mr Stephenson has kindly donated his skills and time to digitise the students’ original designs. We think you’ll agree, he has done an AMAZING job!

All of our Heads and Deputy Heads of Houses would like to extend a final congratulations to our winning students, as per all competitions (much like Britain’s Got Talent), the entrants made us smile, laugh, and most importantly, ponder!
Read on to find out more about each winning entry, and why we chose them.

The winner of the House Logo competition for Boakes House was Lottie Robinson. Lottie (Year 8), really encapsulated the values of being a part of Boakes in her logo design, which paid particular attention to the true dedication shown by the namesake of the house. The house is named after a recent student of the school, Rebecca Boakes, who has a black belt in karate and is representing Great Britain around the world. She demonstrates great fortitude, resilience and dedication to reach the very highest level of the sport, one that inspires many of the current students.

Lottie was also able to cleverly incorporate the values and symbols that best represent our school. These values of: Excellence, Friendship and Respect are key attributes, which the school aims to instil in all pupils. The symbolic Cuthbert Cross was also included in Lottie’s design, which has held strong connections to the school for over a century.

Very well done, Lottie!
Ms Bainbridge – Head of House Boakes
Mr Bunn – Deputy Head of House Boakes

‘The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm’ – Confucius

Danny Appleton (Year 7) wowed us to win the competition with his design based around resilience.

Danny used Hannah Chapman – Northallerton School Alumni and Editor of the Northern Echo –  as inspiration. Hannah joined the Northern Echo in 2003 as a trainee reporter and over the 15 years, Hannah gradually worked her way to the top. To make her achievements even more spectacular, Hannah is also the first woman to be in an editing role at the Northern Echo, in its 150 year history.

Hannah’s story is one of great resilience and one that demonstrates that with time and effort, we can accomplish our dreams. Danny has taken these traits and visualised them as a tree, unbreaking in the wind, stating that the tree atop ‘a hill is a symbol of resilience, as it is constantly battered by the wind but adapts in order to survive’.

Thank you so much for your entry Danny, and well done!
Mr Welsh – Head of House Chapman
Mr Maughan – Deputy Head of House Chapman

The winner of the House Logo Competition for Cowell House was Ellie-Mai Coulson (Year 8). Ellie-Mai, really encapsulated the values of being a part of Cowell in her logo design, which paid particular attention to the idea that we all play our part in making the world better, and we should be mindful of everyone who has lived, struggled against hardship and stood up for what they believed.

This house was named after Sylvester Cowell who was a former student from wartime. He joined the Merchant Navy and was unfortunately killed in action when he was only 17 or 18 years old. Little is known about him, but we do know he put others first. This house represents the idea of putting others before yourself – sacrifice.

Ellie-Mai was also able to cleverly incorporate a blue tit. To sailors, the blue tit is a sign of loyalty or luck and so is linked to Cowell’s merchant navy background.  This bird is a common site in the British Isles, but can be found in many other countries – this reflects our national identity, but also being part of a global community. It is also regarded as a creature of nobility and has a rich and colourful history. The blue tit is also a symbol of love, faith, hope and honour which are all positive attributes attached to this wonderful creature. Also included are 4 different coloured stars to represent each of the houses at our school.

Very well done, Ellie-Mai!
Mr Jennings – Head of House Cowell
Mr Ient – Deputy Head of House Cowell

Aimee Jagger (Year 8) and Jonathon Henry-Aitken (Year 7) were our winners of the House Logo competition for  Radcliffe!

Aimee’s ideas of books with a graduation cap was really fantastic; this combination of academia but with the underlying message of never giving up is so prevalent to us as Radcliffe House. And of course, beautiful artistry!

The motto of ‘always learning’ went beautifully with the quote from Margaret Atwood that Aimee included: the importance is not about being perfect, but about trying and refusing to give up – one of core values at Northallerton of Resilience!

Jonathon’s design of the dragon was just brilliant! The incorporation of the colour red and being as fearless as a dragon in everything we do.

Our house is named after John Radcliffe who had a passion for learning and worked hard all his life to educate himself and others. Radcliffe house represents doing your best in everything you try. Aimee and Jonathon have brilliantly captured the passion of John Radcliffe in his academic prowess, as well as the determination and refusal to give up that is the nature and very being of Radcliffe House!

Congratulations once again Aimee and Jonathon!
Mrs Winn – Head of House Radcliffe
Miss Robson – Deputy Head of House Radcliffe

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