17 May 2021  |  G Denison

Laura and Lennon as part of the student council are inviting students to take part in a Walk to School Week challenge to raise awareness of this brilliant initiative to get young people moving, and help reduce our carbon footprint.

What is walk to school week?

Walk to school week is a national event that takes place from the 17th to the 21st of May.

Walk to school week was founded in 1995 to encourage more children to walk or cycle to school. 

Walking to school offers many benefits. Switching the journey to school from the motor car to walking will reduce levels of air pollution as well as improving physical and mental health.

The student council would like as many students as possible to walk or bike to and from school as many times as they can this week and record their achievement at the end of the week.

What about children whose schools are too far away to walk?

Park and Stride is a simple idea for families who live far away, to enjoy the benefits of walking to school. If you have to drive, park a ten minute walk away.

Make a change this week and enjoy!


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