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Supplying Personal Protective Equipment to Local Hospital

17 April 2020  |  G Denison

Yesterday we delivered approximately 200 pairs of safety glasses, plus some disposable aprons and overshoes to the Friarage Hospital. They were gratefully received!
Jon Sidgwick, one of our former students, is co-ordinating the effort whilst back in Northallerton looking after his mum during the Covid-19 pandemic.
“I live in London and run an acting school; whilst I am back in Northallerton I want to help in any way I can,” said Mr Sidgwick, who was a student 40 years ago.
Some of the students who are still attending school helped to collect and box up the equipment.
“It’s really important that we all try to help,” said one of our 11-year-old students.
Headteacher Vicki Rahn said, “We are committed to helping our wider community in any way we can and are pleased to have been able to provide some vital resources to our colleagues in the NHS.”

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