The Study - Aim Higher

The Study: Aim Higher exists to encourage and support students to follow their dreams for the future, whatever they may be. Open to all, it is aimed at those who intend to apply for competitive courses at prestigious universities and those who need to be encouraged to aim high. The group formalises and extends the existing support and guidance given to our students.

We offer specific guidance on how to apply for particular courses, but more than that, we offer opportunities to have wider educational, cultural and philosophical experiences outside the confines of the curriculum. These experiences are designed to stretch minds and open up new possibilities.

Each term we publish a calendar of events, some of the events are weekly such as University Challenge (Monday lunchtimes), the Debating Society (Wednesday lunchtimes) and Psychology Club (Thursdays after school), some are less regular or one-offs. The events reflect what the students tell us they want to do and include trips, lectures and workshops covering a wide range of areas of interest.

What the students say

"The skills I learnt in Debating Society are skills that will stay with me for the rest of my life."
Richard Foster, Year 12 student

"I like that the Debating Society forces me to think from other perspectives and challenges my own."
Sam Pratt, Year 13 student

"I think the Calendar of Events gives people the opportunity to discover and persue other options for their careers and interests."
Sam Harris, Year 12 student

"Listening to speakers talk about what they do is incredibly valuable. It really opens your eyes to new possibilities."
Alex Vayro, Year 13 student

For further information come along to an event (see calendar) or contact Miss Cox - email: