Year 11 Revision

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Year 11 Exam preparation

Subject Revision Resources

Art Revision Guide
(to be updated for 2020)
Business Studies
(to be updated for 2020)
Drama Revision Programme
Geography Revision Plan
Geography Work Book
(to be updated for 2020)
Media Revision Programme
(to be updated for 2020)
SRS Revision Programme

English Revision Programme
Christmas Carol
Inspector Calls
Love and Relationships

There are many online websites offering fantastic resources, helpful hints and tips and past papers. Please refer to the section 'Useful Resources' at the bottom of this page, where you will find links to some of these sites including GCSEpod.

GCSE Revision Guides available from departments as below:

  • Maths uses the CPG Revision Guide and Workbook, available for £2.50 each.
  • English uses the CPG AQA GCSE Language Revision Workbook and Revision Guides for A Christmas Carol, Macbeth, An Inspector Calls and Love and Relationships Poetry Anthology. These are available for £2.50 each.
  • Geography uses the CGP Revision Guide: AQA Geography 9-1. Available for £3.75
  • History uses the CGP GCSE revision guide (Edexcel 9-1 history). Available for £3.25.
  • MFL – French uses the CPG AQA GCSE Revision Guide and Workbook. Available for £2.50 each.
  • Science uses the Grade 9-1 GCSE Combined Science: Foundation AQA Revision Guide and the Grade 9-1 GCSE Combined Science: AQA Exam Practice Workbook. Available for £5.50 each.
  • PE Uses the CGP GCSE Physical Education complete guide 1-9 , available for £5.50, and the Pocket size booklet available for £1.99.
  • SRS uses three revision guides – one for each unit. These provide content, knowledge questions and practice exam questions.
    The full pack is £7.50

The use of Command Verbs - A guide on how to answer exam questions

Year 10 Revision

Revision Techniques

Revision Guide

Revision Techniques

Revision Techniques Booklet 2

Revision Techniques PP

Revision Tips and Techniques

Revision Tips Flow Chart

Year 10 Exam Revision Timetable master

Subject Revision Information

Year 10 BusinessYear 10 EnglishYear 10 GCSE PEYear 10 Science
Year 10 DramaYear 10 FoodYear 10 Mathematics

Making the most of gcsepod

gcsepod student user guide
How to improve memory

Useful Resources

OCR Cambridge Technicals Command verbs

Command Words and Meanings

Exams - guidelines for parents and teachers of young people with autism

GCSEpod is a digital service which provides focused learning in a unique ‘Pod’ format across 20 popular GCSE subjects, which are filtered by exam boards.

Each subject is broken down into topics and questions are answered in short concise 'Pods'.

GCSEpod is a great way to revise on the go and pods can be downloaded to phones, tablets and other devices to watch/listen to at a later time. The pods are a great way of revising core concepts and consolidating work done in class.

Here are some useful links for parents and students to engage with 'podding':

>> Why use GCSEpod

>> Quiz Your Child

>> GCSEpod User Manual1

Our recommended revision links

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A guide to learning styles

Revision notes and practice questions

Revision notes, links and tips

Free past papers for students

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