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Accelerated Reader Scheme

Accelerated Reader is a software tool for encouraging reading for pleasure and raising literacy standards, used by Years 7 and 8.

Summary of key concepts

A pupil’s ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development) represents the level of difficulty that is neither too hard nor too easy. Students are given their ZPD range when they have taken the baseline assessment test. Students undertake a baseline assessment test at the beginning of the school year and then again at the end of the Easter and Summer terms to assess progress.

The books in the Library are given an Accelerated Reader level and allocated an appropriate coloured spot, which is to be found on the spine of the book.

Accelerated Reader levels

Red 0 – 1.9 Orange 2 – 2.9 Yellow 3 – 3.9 Green 4 – 4.9
Pale Blue 5 – 5.9 Pink 6 – 6.9 Purple 7 – 7.9 Cream 8 – 8.9
Dark Blue 9 – 9.9 Dark Green 10 – 10.9 Silver 11 – 11.9 White 12+

Inside each book you will find the quiz number, the book level, points and interest level.
Book Level indicates the difficulty of text, not the maturity of content.

Interest Level tells you for which Year Levels a book’s themes and ideas are appropriate.

Interest Level Age Appropriateness

LY Lower Years 5 to 8 MY Middle Years 9 to 13 UY Upper Years 14+

Points are assigned to a book based primarily on its length. The number of points a pupil earns tells you how much reading a pupil has done.

The most important factor in accelerating reading growth is good comprehension. Once a student has finished reading a book they are expected to take a comprehension quiz. A score of 85%+ is the target for most students. A TOPS (The Opportunity to Praise Students) report should be printed and retained by the student. If a student scores 100% they should print out two certificates and enter one in the prize draw, which will take place every term.

Reading time is scheduled for 20 minutes per day on a rolling programme, so a different period is used each week.

Once a student has read a book, he/she should take a quiz within 24 hours of finishing the book and following discussions with his/her English teacher or the Library staff choose a new book. Students complete a reading log to keep a record of their reading practice and should also complete a story map before taking the comprehension quiz.

Students will be directed to choose a book at the starting level of their ZPD and then encouraged to read different genres, fiction as opposed to non-fiction or longer books, before they move up to the next level.


Should you wish to find out which ‘Accelerated Reader’ books are available to purchase, you can visit and select several filters to find appropriately levelled books. More information about the Accelerated Reader Scheme can be found by contacting the Library Managers at school. 

How to take a quiz at home

Log onto the internet site Use your school user name and the password ‘abc’. You can also see the results of all quizzes taken.