Careers at Northallerton School and Sixth Form College

Northallerton School & Sixth Form College believes that careers education and guidance gives students the skills, knowledge and understanding to manage their own lifelong learning and career development. Through CEIAG our aim is that our students will be able to feel more positive about themselves, improve their motivation, raise their aspirations and take responsibility for their career plans.

The programme at Northallerton School and Sixth form is built upon the National Statutory Guidelines and the eight Gatsby Benchmarks, which set out a framework for best practice for careers advice and guidance. They are as follows:

  1. A stable careers programme, which is reviewed annually.
  2. Labour Market Information is provided and accessible for students to use.
  3. The needs of every student are addressed.
  4. Careers education is linked to curriculum learning.
  5. Students have opportunities to have encounters with employers and employees.
  6. Students have opportunities to experience the workplace.
  7. Students have encounters with further and higher education establishments.
  8. Student are able to access impartial and personal careers guidance.

Careers newsletters

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The Careers Team

If you have any questions about the Careers Programme, we have a team of staff dedicated to supporting our students with careers information, advice and guidance:

Ms Mannion – Careers Lead at the school. Ms Mannion arranges for independent careers advisers to come into the school to meet with students in the careers room in the Sixth Form Centre. Individual appointments for impartial careers interviews are made for students, parents and carers to discuss and support personal planning for future pathways. She can be contacted by email:

Mr Tyreman – Work Experience Co-ordinator who helps students to set up appropriate work placement opportunities

Mrs Redpath – Head of Sixth Form who leads the sixth form team and tutors who support students with UCAS and apprenticeship applications, but also to seek volunteering opportunities in the work place.

Mr Stacey-Chapman – Mentor for Oxbridge applicants who provides group and individual support and guidance when applying to Oxbridge, organises visits to Oxford and Cambridge universities and coaches students in interview practice.

The school has strong links with many local employers and also works very closely with a range of external providers such as NYBEP and the Careers and Enterprise Company and has recently joined the York and North Yorkshire Career Hub. We have a Careers Enterprise Advisor and are looking to continue to further our links with other local and national employers so that we are able to enrich our careers programme, enabling students to have meaningful employer links which suit the needs of all our students.

For many years we have developed good relationships with Universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, York, Leeds, Newcastle, Teesside, and Northumbria.

Newcastle UniversityUniversity of York  University of Teesside

The Careers Programme 2019/2020

The careers programme encompasses a range of different learning activities which are detailed below.

Dedicated curriculum time is given to ALL students during the year. This takes place during morning tutorial for the delivery of careers advice, guidance and planning. The delivery for Y7-11 is based on The STEPS Careers Programme materials produced by Prospects. There are appropriate materials specific to the needs of each year group as shown below. There is a dedicated Post 16 programme written and delivered by the Post 16 Guidance and Pastoral team.

STEPS Programme of delivery:

STEP UP – In the Autumn term Year 7 students will build on their primary school experiences relating to the world of work and will work through activities which will help them understand what influences them and the skills they have already developed. It will enable them to explore what work is and how to use careers resources.

STEP ON – In the spring and summer terms Year 8 students will continue to explore what they want from a job. They will gain knowledge about types of job families, learn budgeting skills and create a careers action plan.

STEP AHEAD – In the Spring term Year 9 students will follow on with their career planning, examining their personal qualities, their preferred learning styles and exploring possible jobs which relate to the skills they have. This will help to shape their GCSE choices made during Year 9.

STEP FORWARD – During the Spring and Summer terms Year 10 students begin to look in more depth about the world of work, learning about their rights and responsibilities in the work place. They will continue to develop their budgeting and money management skills and start finding out and thinking ahead regarding their options after their GCSEs.

STEP TO THE FUTURE – During the Autumn and Spring terms Year 11 is all about fine-tuning their planning. Students will examine their current academic progress, the skills they have acquired and what their interests are. They will have an in depth look at the job market, make plans regarding their choices after their GCSEs and gain knowledge and skills about how to make a good application.

Y11 Students are given information and encouraged to explore a wide range of career options including apprenticeships, vocational courses at local FE colleges and A level programmes at a sixth form college. Tutors track the planned destination routes for all their tutees and additional support and guidance is provided via the careers advisor, NYBEP and through visiting employers.

During the year we organise and hold a variety of careers events to enable students to meet with employers, experience work environments and to take part in university open days.

It is essential that students, parents and carers are aware of the current local labour market information and this is made accessible to students via assemblies, tutor time and all Y10 and 12 students are issued with the local labour market information booklet.

Further and higher education

KS4 students can choose, depending on their career plans, to go on organised trips to visit local FE colleges, such as Darlington College and Askham Bryan College, whilst others opt to attend sixth form taster sessions during the Taster and Bridging days held at the school. Other students who want to pursue the apprenticeship route take part in a tailored day where they are guided on how to look and apply for apprenticeships and they meet employers, make job applications and take part in interview practice.

The school works very closely with the NCOP programme which hugely benefits students from KS3 and 4 who live within a designated postcode area of Northallerton. Strong links have developed with The University of York and York St John University, providing a range of aspirational and motivational events appropriate to different year groups. These events provide careers advice and guidance, including mentoring follow-up.


Careers in the Curriculum

Students receive careers advice and guidance through their subject lessons. Subjects with a strong vocational link, such as Business Studies, Media, ICT and Health and Social Care all benefit from talks from local employers, visits to places of employment and assignments based on ‘real’ situations in the work place. Our aim is to continue to integrate careers guidance into all subject areas so students understand the relevance and application of the subject to their future aspirations and a greater understanding of the world of work is gained.

Sixth Form Careers

At KS5 the sixth form tutorial programme dedicates considerable time to providing careers advice and guidance through an experienced tutor team led by Mrs Redpath. All Year 12 students go on a week’s work experience programme in the summer. Organised visits take place to the Apprenticeship Fair, the National UCAS Conference and to Oxford and Cambridge Universities and students are encouraged to apply to university summer schools and attend open days. The Which University link below would be a good starting point.

Which university

 Monitoring the quality of the Programme

In order to judge the impact of the careers programme it is monitored by:

  1. Gathering student feedback which is gathered from each year group following the delivery of the programme in tutorial time so changes can be made as necessary.
  2. Assessing the quality of the individual careers interviews through a Student feedback questionnaire and bi-annually through a formal review with the Careers Lead.
  3. An annual Careers Hub review.
  4. Termly reviews by the Head of School.

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Review date of this information: November 2019