At KS5 the sixth form tutorial programme dedicates considerable time to providing careers advice and guidance through an experienced tutor team led by Mrs Redpath. All Year 12 students go on a week’s work experience programme in the summer. Organised visits take place to the Apprenticeship Fair, the National UCAS Conference and to Oxford and Cambridge Universities and students are encouraged to apply to university summer schools and attend open days.The Which University link below would be a good starting point.

Which university

Monitoring the quality of the Programme

In order to judge the impact of the careers programme it is monitored by:

  1. Gathering student feedback which is gathered from each year group following the delivery of the programme in tutorial time so changes can be made as necessary.
  2. Assessing the quality of the individual careers interviews through a Student feedback questionnaire and bi-annually through a formal review with Shine and the Careers Lead.
  3. An annual Careers Hub review.
  4. Termly reviews by the Principal.

Review date of this information: January 2019