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01 February 2021  |  G Denison

On Friday 29th January, students at school in the year 7 pod took part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch. Earlier in the week the students had set up feeding stations with a variety of different foods to attract the birds. The children took turns identifying and recording the birds that visited.

We were surprised by both how many birds there were and the variety, we saw blackbirds, blue tits, chaffinches, coal tits, great tits, sparrows, robins, collared doves, even a dunnock and a goldfinch! One of the students, John, said, “The bird count was fun! I can recognise different birds now. Can we do it again next year?”

You can review the students results here.

As a result of people taking part in the Big Garden Birdwatch, the RSPB now have over 40 years of data and this has helped increase our understanding of the challenges faced by wildlife.

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