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Poetry and fundraising are the way forward for Joshua

24 November 2020  |  G Denison

Joshua, a Year 7 student, has found a way to demonstrate his talents and raise money for a worthwhile cause while managing a difficult time in his life.

Joshua’s mum, Helen, was diagnosed with Covid-19 in March and unfortunately had to be ventilated at James Cook University Hospital as part of her treatment. Thankfully she has fully recovered now, but Joshua and his family found the traumatic time difficult to deal with, not least because Joshua had to celebrate his 11th birthday while his mum was receiving treatment. Joshua used writing poetry as one way to help him deal with this difficult time.

It was thanks to the care, compassion and professionalism shown by the staff on the Intensive Treatment Unit at James Cook that Joshua’s mum was able to make a recovery from the virus and be discharged from hospital and return to her family, so Joshua wanted to say a big thank you.

To raise funds for the ITU at James Cook Joshua has begun to craft Christmas trees – some up to 6 foot tall – and sell them to friends and family. He has so far raised £200…and counting! Joshua has recruited his sister to help him paint the trees, and as you can see they have chosen to paint the tops of the trees in rainbow colours to further demonstrate their gratitude to those who saved their mum’s life.

Joshua has an incredible history of fundraising; since his uncle’s death in 2017 he has raised over £1000 in support of the Motor Neurone Disease Association by baking and selling his home made cakes and treats.

Joshua’s proud mum describes him as “brilliant, caring and thoughtful”, and here at Northallerton School at Sixth Form College we have to agree. What an enterprising and kind thing to do to say thank you to those who are working hard in the NHS to support us at this time. Well done, Joshua!

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