Exam Information

Examinations office

The examinations office is responsible for the organisation of all internal and external examinations.

It is the aim of Northallerton School and Sixth Form College to make the examination experience as free from stress and as successful as possible for all candidates.

If students or parents have any queries or need help or advice at any time before, during or after the examinations please contact the exams office staff.

Exam Information

GCSE and A Level Exam dates 11th May 2020 - 24th June 2020

Important Information - Summer 2020 examination series

In the highly unlikely event that there is national disruption to a day of examinations in summer 2020, the awarding bodies will liaise with the qualification regulators and the DfE to agree the most appropriate option for managing the impact. As a last resort the affected examinations will be rescheduled. Although every effort would be taken to keep the impact to a minimum, it is possible that there could be more than one timetable date affected following the disruption, up to and including the contingency day on 24th June 2020.

Centres will be alerted if it was agreed to reschedule the examinations and the affected candidates will be expected to make themselves available in such circumstances.

Where candidates choose not to be available for the rescheduled examination(s) for reasons other than those traditionally covered by special consideration, they will not be eligible for enhanced grading arrangements.

Centres must therefore ensure candidates and parents are aware of this contingency arrangement so that they may take it into account when making their plans for the summer.

If you have any queries regarding this information, please contact either Mrs Learmonth or Miss Richardson in the Exams Office.

GCSE and Vocational Grade Equivalences

JCQ Information for Candidates

Warning to Candidates.

Information for Candidates - Coursework 2019-20

Information for Candidates - NEA 2019-20

Information for Candidates - No Mobile Phones Poster

Information for Candidates - Privacy Notice 2019-20

Information for Candidates - Social Media 2019-20

Information for Candidates - Written Exams 2019-20

Internal examinations

Internal examinations are scheduled throughout the year (see schedule below) and students are issued with their own timetable. Examinations are scheduled to take place in the sports hall and students are expected to follow the rules of external examinations.

Year Group Internal Examination Dates 2019/20
11 4th – 11th November 2019
13 8th – 17th January 2020
11 27th January – 7th February 2020
8 5th – 7th May 2020
10 15th – 19th June 2020
12 22nd – 26th June 2020

Year 11 Trial Exam Timetable 27 January - 7 February 2020

Exam Timetables
Copy of GCE Timetable 2020

Copy of GCSE Timetable 2020

External examinations

The practical examinations, assessments and controlled assessments take place throughout the school year as notified by the head of subject.

For external examinations all students will receive a personalised entry checking form. This form should be signed and return to the examinations office. Students are then issued with a personalised timetable along with a copy of an examinations booklet which explains all the rules and regulations students must follow when sitting their examinations.

It is vital that all students arrive for their exams on time, with all their equipment and fully prepared.

We appreciate that exams can be a stressful time for students.

Results Day 2020

A-Level Results Day –Thursday 13th August 2020 from 9.00am

GCSE Results Day –Thursday 20th August 2020 from 9.00am

  • If you wish any other person (including family members) to collect your results on your behalf, you must give your written authorisation to Mrs Learmonth before results day.
  • Candidates who do not collect their results will receive notification through the normal post. Letters will be posted on results day and not before.
  • No results will be given out by telephone.

GCSE and A-Levels Exam Certificates for exams that were taken in Summer 2019 are now ready for collection.

How to get your Certificate(s):

  • Come to the exams office in person during college hours OR
  • Send someone to collect them for you – this person must have a signed note from you giving them permission to collect the certificates OR
  • Certificates that remain uncollected after approximately one year will be sent by recorded delivery to you at the address currently held by the school. This is expensive for the school and there is potential for certificates to be lost so we would prefer that they are collected.

Some Final Exam Information:

To contact the Exams Office

email: exams@northallertonschool.org.uk

or telephone: 01609 773340

Sarah Learmonth – Examinations Officer

Laura Richardson – Examinations Assistant
Northallerton School & Sixth form College – Centre Number 48133

Replacement Certificates can be obtained directly from the following:

OCR – Telephone: 01223 553998


AQA – Telephone: 0800 1977162


Edexcel – Telephone: 0870 2409800