Teaching and Learning

'Read and Write' software has been purchased by the Areté Learning Trust and is available across the three schools for students to use at home and school.

Read and Write is a piece of literacy software which supports students:

- proof reading their work

- creating audio files for revision

- developing vocabulary banks

- categorising elements of text for higher order skills.

Installing Read&Write at Home                                                                                                

You can install Read&Write on any of the following devices: Windows - Mac - iPad - Android - Chrome - Edge

It’s simple and easy, and all you need to have is your school email address.

Let's get started: Click here and follow the instructions below:

Click Try Now                         

Now select your platform and click Install

You’ll now be directed to the easiest and fastest way to install - for Windows and Mac a file will download and for other platforms, you’ll be directed to the correct app store location. Simply follow the instructions to install.

Once the installation is complete, and you run the programme for the first time, you’ll be asked to sign in. Sign in with Google entering your school email address and password and you’re all set to start using Read&Write!

Support: https://support.texthelp.com/help

Installing ReadWrite at Home (1).pdf

ReadWrite for Windows Quick Reference Guide.pdf