10 February 2021  |  G Denison

Hi, I’m Morgan, I’m 17 and live in Northallerton. I’ve spent my entire 7 years of secondary school and sixth form education at Northallerton School. Although there have been ups and downs I’ve enjoyed my time at Northallerton School & Sixth Form College, and without it and its staff I don’t think I’d have got to where I am today. In January I received my offer to study biology at the University of Oxford, which has been my goal since completing my GCSEs. Throughout my time here the school has encouraged me and other students to have big goals and ambitions. Mine personally was to reach a top university such as Oxford. I owe a lot to the staff at school for pushing me to reach that goal. I probably wouldn’t have worked as hard as I have without their encouragement. I chose to apply to Oxford firstly because, why not? Secondly, because it’s obviously a very renowned university where I will receive the best education possible to help me pursue a career in biology.

My main influences have been my teachers, in particular, Miss Cox who has always encouraged me and never takes no for an answer! Otherwise, I don’t really have many influences, I’m just curious about biology and that influences me more than anything else. Obviously, the high standard of education in the sciences at Northallerton is also to thank for me being able to get the predicted grades I need, but as well as the teaching the 1:1 interactions are what really help the most. Instead of just being seen as a number the teachers do more outside the classroom than they are required to and it makes the difference. My main goals currently are to really just learn as much as possible, I don’t really have a real career in mind at the moment, I just really enjoy my subject which is what really matters.

Miss Cox said “Morgan, like many of our students here at Northallerton, is amazing. His biological curiosity is insatiable. He hoovers up information and loves to discuss how things work and why things happen. All we have done is help him to believe in himself.”

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