Non-uniform Day in aid of Freddie's Fight. Friday 22 March

Freddie is a three year old boy from Ampleforth, near Thirsk.

Unfortunately, he has been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, an aggressive form of cancer. He is at stage 4 high risk, meaning he only has a 35% chance of survival.

New treatments in the UK are promising, but still only increase Freddie’s chance of survival slightly.

American research is 20 years ahead of the UK in this form of cancer, and there are increasingly positive signs that a vaccine has been invented giving children with Neuroblastoma a higher chance of being cured.

The Bivalent vaccine has benefited a large number of children in the UK who no longer had any options after they faced a relapse again, like Freddie.

The cost of the vaccine and treatment in America will cost £250,000, which is a huge cost, but could potentially save Freddie’s life, so he can grow up and be a happy little boy again! 

Please join us as we try and help Freddie and his family reach their goal by supporting this charity, if you wish to come in non – uniform please bring a £1 to donate.

Thank you, lets try and see Freddie smiling again!

You can follow Freddie’s journey on social media by using #FreddiesFight