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Elliott shaves his head and donates sweets to superheroes

05 May 2020  |  G Denison

Year 8 student Elliott Hunter‘s hair was getting too long and his hairdresser was closed due to lockdown. He certainly didn’t want his Mum to cut it so had the idea to do it himself; he would use hair clippers and cut it to a number 8 all over.

Elliot is very particular about his hair and favoured a particular style so he knew lots of people would like to see him cut it and decided to do it live on Facebook.

As he cut it, he received offers of money to cut it shorter and shorter until there was nothing left to cut.

Elliott had been so impressed by the efforts of a group of key workers from local animal feed manufacturers ABN Feeds to cheer up local children, he decided to help.

Wearing superhero costumes, they run through the streets of Northallerton and Brompton after work to bring a smile to the faces of those who see them, especially the children.

Elliott bought a pile of sweets with the donations from his short cut and passed them to the local superheroes to give to the children during their run.

Elliott is definitely our kind of superhero, well done Elliott!

As well as bringing joy to children, the superheroes are also raising money for charity. If you wish to donate to their current charity ‘A Smile for a Child’ helping disabled children to participate in sport, follow the link below.

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