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Eco-Council launches first initiative.

06 April 2020  |  G Denison

A team of passionate sixth formers, more commonly known as the Eco-Council, have been slowly working on improvements to the schools eco status. The school considers environmental care a very serious topic and this is reflected in the year 8 SAIL project of developing the new school site into an eco-friendly school. This just shows how much students care about the future and what we can do to make it brighter.

The first initiative that is being rolled out by the eco-council is school branded water bottles at a cost of just £5.40. These high quality bottles will be in the four house colours and will have the schools logo on to show the commitment that the school has to the care of the planet. The aim of this new scheme is to reduce single use plastics and eradicate litter on site.

Joseph Mableson (Member of the Eco-Council)

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