To be a scientist does not mean you have to wear a white coat and work in a lab all day. Science is both an intellectual and practical subject that requires a wide range of skills and an open mind. There are no limits to science. The number of possibilities and opportunities to observe the physical and natural world can only be restricted by your own curiosity. In the Science Faculty we hope to develop and hone the skills required to study the world in which we live. Whether your interests will lead you towards solving the world's energy crisis, understanding the nature of the universe or looking at the complexities of the development of the human brain, the practices developed in science lessons are essential. The skills we focus on include planning, analysing, evaluating and applying, to name a few. In essence we aim to empower students to have the confidence to look at the world around them and ask "why"?

What students will study:

In Year 7

Students begin their Key Stage 3 education in Year 7. The year covers fundamental principles that form the foundations for further study in each of the science disciplines. The department follows the AQA KS3 specification.

Although students will take part in 'science' lessons, rather than individual biology, chemistry or physics, these will be taught as discrete subjects within their lessons. Wherever possible splitting classes between multiple teachers will be kept to a minimum.

In Year 8

Key Stage 3 continues in Year 8, building on the ideas from Year 7 as well as introducing new topics.

In Year 9

Year 9 sees the completion of Key Stage 3 at Christmas. When students return in the new term they will begin their GCSE education.

AQA Science Key Stage 3 Syllabus.pdf

Overview of Key Stage 3 Science Syllabus.pdf