The KS3 Mathematics department aims to:

  • Give students a strong foundation to support their subsequent GCSE studies.
  • Give students functional Mathematics skills that they will use in everyday life.
  • Help students build up their resilience, persistence and problem solving skills.
  • To give all students the opportunity to develop an interest and maybe even a love of numbers and the fascinating world of Mathematics.


Year 7 are taught in mixed ability groups following a mastery curriculum to deepen their understanding of mathematics and form a solid foundation for their secondary studies. From Year 8 students are set based on prior attainment KS2 and Year 7. The KS3 Mathematics scheme of work is designed to cover the new 2014 curriculum. During the key stage there are three different learning pathways a student might follow depending on their prior achievement. Within each class there will be opportunities for students to be challenged or supported further to maximize individual progress. We all have different paces of learning across different topics and we hope through differentiation and detailed feedback we can offer all of our students an individual and enjoyable learning experience. After the first term in year 9 students will begin their GCSE studies.

What students will study:

Every year students will study all areas of Mathematics building on their attainment in the previous year.

  • Numbers and the number system.
  • Calculations (including checking, approximation and rounding).
  • Properties and measures of shape and angles.
  • Construction and loci.
  • Algebra.
  • Fractions, decimal, percentage and ratio.
  • Presentation and measure of data.
  • Measuring risk (higher Y8 and all Y9).

There will be regular assessments throughout the year to evaluate student progress.