Modern Foreign Languages


Our aim is to help all our students become confident speakers of the languages they learn, so that they can communicate well with people they meet, whether it is abroad or at home. Language lessons offer a wide range of activities designed to appeal to all levels of ability and preferred learning styles


At Key Stage 3, the curriculum in French and Spanish is designed to prepare students for GCSE in languages, as well as giving them an insight into French and Spanish culture.

What students will study:

In Year 7

All students study French in Year 7. The topics studied include:

  • Introducing yourself and your family
  • Describing where you live
  • Asking for and understanding directions
  • Ordering drinks and snacks
  • Describing your daily routine
  • Talking about what you do at school

In Year 8

In year 8 the vast majority of students study both French and Spanish. The topics studied include:

In French:

  • Discussing your hobbies
  • Discussing people's professions
  • Describing and buying clothes
  • Referring to what you did in the past
  • Referring to what you're going to do in the future

In Spanish:

  • Introducing yourself and your family
  • School
  • Food and drinks
  • Describing where you live
  • Daily routine and hobbies 

In Year 9

In Year 9, students choose to study either French or Spanish. The emphasis of the syllabus is on giving them the grammatical knowledge that will allow them to thrive at GCSE.