The English faculty aims to make the study of English Language and Literature enjoyable and accessible for all pupils. We see the subject of English as vitally important for the overall development of young people and want to help every individual achieve his or her potential. We strive to prepare all students for the challenge and rigour of GCSEs so that the greatest number of young people can achieve success and go on to the next stage of their education and their lives.


In KS3 we study both English Literature and English Language topics. Literature units tend to involve reading whole books, plays and poems as well as looking at a variety of extracts and excerpts. We cover a range of different eras from Shakespeare and beyond to the present day and ensure that the texts we study are suitably accessible and challenging for our students. Language units cover both the analytical and creative sides of the topic: students learn to synthesise information and extract meaning more carefully but also are encouraged to develop their writing styles in accurate and inventive ways.

What students will study:

In Year 7

  • Reading fiction and non-fiction
  • Studying Shakespeare
  • Analysing poetry
  • Writing creatively and for different purposes
  • Developing speaking and listening skills

In Year 8

  • Studying modern prose and drama
  • Developing narrative writing
  • Exploring poetry
  • Writing to argue or persuade
  • Presenting a viewpoint through spoken language