Drama at Key Stage 3 is a subject that aims to develop the interpersonal and social skills of all students alongside introducing and enhancing specific performance skills. We aspire to enhance the confidence and communication skills students need to present themselves and their work to others.


In Year 7, students are introduced to the basic personal disciplines needed to be successful in a practical and creative subject. Alongside this is the learning of some of the basic drama skills that are used throughout their time in the subject. The social and communication skills required to work with others in a creative environment underpin all the practical work students do.

Year 8 builds on the Year 7 skills and develops the characterisation work into more extended drama. The exploration of issues in a thematic way also challenges students to apply their empathy and awareness of the world around them. Students are also challenged to look at drama beyond the practical performance elements.

In Year 9, students extend their practical skills, exploring issues through extended practical techniques and respond to a wide range of stimulus materials, including play texts, pictures and poems. The study of a play text challenges them to interpret characters and situations for themselves. These skills are then culminated in the students' exploration of issue-based drama that they create themselves.

Students are also provided a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities, through School Productions, Drama Clubs and Theatre Trips, where they can develop their knowledge, understanding and skills beyond the Drama classroom.

What students will study:

In Year 7

Basic Skills

Introduction and development of basic drama skills including still image and mime.

Spy School 

Development of characterisation skills needed to create and present believable and recognisable characters.

Script Exploration

Practical investigation of script work, looking at how a playwright helps create meaning.

In Year 8

Non-Verbal Communication

Development of different vocal and physical skills used to create meaning beyond the spoken word.

Thematic Exploration

Development of drama skills related to real-world themes, extending empathy through drama.

Stage Craft

Investigation of design and technical skills required to create and support a performance.

In Year 9


Practical exploration of the theme, challenging students to relate to a variety of views and applying non-naturalistic devices.

'Blood Brothers'

Exploration of a play script, investigating the presentation of characters and scenes written by a known playwright.


Exploration of more hard-hitting themes through devised work based around the song be Kelly Rowland.