Social & Religious Studies

The course covers both religious beliefs and teachings and a study of current ethical issues.

Ethics Paper Religion Paper – Christianity and Islam
The origins and value of the universe and the value of human life
  • Religion and Life
  • Creation story, The Big Bang Theory and Evolution
  • Use and abuse of the planet
  • Use and abuse of animals
  • Abortion
  • Euthanasia
Christianity – Beliefs and teachings
  • The Trinity
  • Nature of God – omnipotent
  • Creation story
  • Heaven and Hell
  • Jesus and salvation
Religion, peace and conflict
  • Terrorism and religious belief
  • Causes of war
  • WMDS
  • Cost of war and its victims
Christianity - Practices
  • Why is worship important?
  • What is pilgrimage?
  • Christmas
  • Easter
Religion, crime and punishment
  • Causes of crime
  • Aims of punishment
  • Types of punishment
  • Death penalty
Islam – Beliefs and teachings
  • The oneness of God (Tawhid)
  • Nature of God
  • Life after death
  • Muhammad
  • Qur'an
Religion, human rights and social justice
  • Human rights and equality
  • Sexism
  • Sexuality
  • Disability Discrimination
  • Racism
Islam - Practices
  • The 5 pillars
  • Shahadah
  • Hajj


2 exams at the end of Year 11


The topics studied in GCSE SRS are relevant in today's societies, ranging from ethical issues that are in the media and in everyday life to a deeper understanding of people who live in our society. The skills developed through the GCSE are valuable in a wide range of subjects such as English and history and will prepare pupils both for A level SRS and other literacy based subjects.

Start Date

July 2019

Exam Board



Northallerton School & Sixth Form College

Course Level