Engineering GCSE

The sky’s the limit. Engineering is an increasingly innovative and exciting area to work in. It affects every aspect of modern life – from skyscrapers to smart phones, cars to carrier bags. This GCSE introduces students to a host of new technologies, helping them to gain practical skills and understanding to inspire a lifelong interest in engineering. It will particularly appeal to those who enjoy being creative, with an affinity for drawing, design, maths and problem-solving.

The Application of skills, knowledge and understanding in a practical context will be thoroughly tested throughout this course where analytical and evaluative working will need to be evident. This is a very mathematical and problem solving qualification where testing of materials, processes, calculations of various costs, whilst developing an awareness of factors which influence design.

The course content

  • Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the behavioural characteristics of various materials during handling/machining and processing in various ways.
  • Testing via modelling with calculation and providing physical solutions to various problems.
  • Mathematical application accounts for 20% of the final examination mark.


60% - Examination: Engineering (120 minutes external examination)

Written exam: students will need to apply their understanding of all materials covered within given practical contexts.

40% - NEA: Practical Engineering project (internal assessment)

Students produce engineering drawings or schematics to communicate a solution to the brief before producing an engineering solution/product that solves the given problem.


Students will achieve a qualification that is relevant to the needs of the engineering industries, placing them in a sound position for progression to further study at A Level and equipping them with relevant employment skills. 

Start Date

July 2019

Exam Board



Northallerton School & Sixth Form College

Course Level