Art and Design GCSE

Course Content

Art and Design offers the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and understanding using practical skills, whilst developing an understanding of the wide ranging areas of art, craft and design. During initial projects students work in a range of media, for example, paint, print, 3-D, collage, mixed media and digital technology to discover their strengths and interests.

The course consists of two components:

Component 1 – is the Portfolio where students will develop, explore and record their ideas. Students will have the opportunity to create a personal response to starting points which can be visual or written and will work in a range of chosen traditional and/or digital media.

Component 2 is the Externally Set Task, an early release paper from which students will be able to choose a starting point either visual or written to develop a response using the skills, knowledge and understanding they have gained through Component 1. Students will be given a period of preparation then a 10 hour period of sustained focussed study in which to realise their intentions.


  • Portfolio 60%
  • Externally Set Task 40%


Success in this subject allows students to progress on to GCE and full A level. Students may also continue to other vocational qualifications or apprenticeships. Through the study of art and design students enjoy an inspiring, balanced and progressive programme of learning, building their skills, knowledge and understanding of art, craft and design. They also build transferable skills which underpin progression in the creative and other industries.

Start Date

July 2019

Exam Board



Northallerton School & Sixth Form College

Course Level