Chromebook Scheme

Information about the Chromebook Leasing Scheme


Northallerton School & Sixth Form College is delighted to be able to offer a Chromebook package to students offering outstanding value for money in terms of the robustness and price. We have worked with our partners to get the best possible price as we recognise that this is a significant financial commitment.


Chromebook Scheme Northallerton School - November 2021


what are we offering?

We have trialled the Lenovo 100e Chromebook here in school and this is our recommended product.

As part of the package there is also a comprehensive return to base insurance policy which covers damage, breakages and theft. As well as that the Chromebook has parts and breakdown cover for the full term of the lease. We also use management and monitoring software on the Chromebook so that students are kept safe online at home or in school.


Accessing the scheme

You will need to register and apply online via a special web portal. Once all the orders are in and the portal is closed, the first direct debit will be taken. As soon as the direct debits have been collected successfully, the devices will be ordered, sent from the factory, configured and then sent to the school. This can take a few weeks for them all to be set up and arrive here at school. As soon as they have arrived here we will let you know and you can collect them from IT Support at school.



Go to:
Username: Northallerton21
Password: S3cure02!
* Select the year group you are currently in *

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a wide range of tablet and laptop-style devices available on the market and we conducted pilot schemes and extensive research when considering the type of device which would be best suited to students in our school. A Chromebook looks like a laptop in appearance but operates in a very different way with students accessing services and apps online.


The Chromebook operating system is produced by Google who provide a wealth of apps and services which are specifically designed to support students in education.

Chromebook devices boot-up in a matter of seconds and have a battery life that lasts up to 8 hours, dependant on use.


Chromebook devices are managed centrally by our IT Support Team to ensure that access is safe and secure. Internet content is filtered for inappropriate content to ensure students can access everything they need for their school work.

Students need to be prepared for an increasingly digital world. Research has confirmed that good home access to technology has a positive impact on a child’s educational achievements and it often motivates them to do school work by providing more interesting and engaging ways to learn. Student work is often better presented so their self-esteem grows and they can explore subjects that interest them in their own time.


Chromebook Features:

Less than 8 seconds to boot up
Long battery life
Simple technology
Easy student-teacher workflow
Large numbers of computers can be managed centrally
Excellent collaboration tools
Works seamlessly with Google Apps for Education and other cloud based applications which all of our students and teachers already use extensively


The following are just a few examples of what students will do in school using Chromebooks:

Create, share and collaborate using GSuite
Use subject related apps in the classroom and at home
Collaborative learning


Traditional methods of learning and teaching still have an important place in education and will continue in our school. Chromebooks should be seen as an additional educational tool and not as a replacement for these methods. We will train our teachers and teach our students to use these devices productively and appropriately.

Once you have registered your interest using the online portal and made the first payment then the Chromebooks will be ordered, configured and delivered to school.

Chromebooks use a wireless connection so you will need Wi-Fi at home. Connecting them to the wireless network is similar to connecting any other device such as a phone or tablet.

Unless the device is a Chromebook, there are likely to be some problems using a different device to access some of the apps that are only available on Chromebooks so this is not recommended. We would not be able to provide any IT support for other devices and you would not have the peace of mind that the device is covered by the insurance policy that comes as part of our package. Whilst our Bring Your Own Device policy doesn't prevent your child using their own device, you will need to read the policy carefully as we cannot accept any liability for damage or loss.

Chromebooks have a battery life of around 8 hours. As long as you have charged the Chromebook at home overnight then it should be fine for a full day in school. There will be no facility to charge them at school.

Our IT Support Team will be on hand to support all the Chromebooks leased through this scheme. Any breakages or other faults can be logged by our IT Support Team for you or you can log faults yourself via the portal

Every student in school automatically has a Google account which they use to access Google Classroom and the other Google apps for Education.

Legally Northallerton School & Sixth Form College have the title for the Chromebook until the final payment is made.

If it is stolen then it is important to report this to the IT Support Team as soon as possible. These devices can be deactivated remotely and they can also be tracked. If the Chromebook cannot be recovered then you will need to claim on the insurance policy which comes as part of the package.

We use various methods to keep students safe online such as filtering and monitoring systems. The Chromebook will use one of the online filters that we use in school so they will have a similar level of online protection that they get in school. We actively monitor activity and deal with any issues via our heads of year.

Any work done on the Chromebook is automatically stored in Google. Students have unlimited storage space available to them in the Google Cloud.

Please make an appointment to see us and we will be only too happy to talk about your circumstances.

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