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Both our assembly programme and our bespoke Learning for Life curriculum help us achieve our aims. Both are delivered primarily during tutor time. For most weeks of the school year, students have a weekly assembly with their year group - this happens right the way from Year 7 to Year 13. The Learning for Life curriculum, along with assemblies and a series of calendered events throughout the year, develop our students' understanding of national and international events, celebrations and commemorations as well as their character.

In all phases of schooling, an assembly can make a positive contribution to student self-development and therefore be at the heart of raising achievement and standards. Assemblies are developed by planning to encourage students to reflect upon a set of universal values, such as love, peace, truth, co-operation and respect. These values act as the foundation not only for religious education (RE) but for the development of personal, social and health education (PSHCE), citizenship and the spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) aspects of the curriculum. In other words they underpin the school’s values and the whole of the curriculum.

Our assemblies are taken by staff in school and some of our external partners in the community. They cover a whole range of topics from local, national and international themes to charity work, personal safety, anti-bullying, respect, British values, achievement and rights and responsibilities. Each morning at Northallerton School & Sixth Form College, school begins with a 35-minute session in tutor rooms with their tutor or base coach. This provides an excellent opportunity for tutors and base coaches to prepare each student for the day ahead as well as for discussing:

  • attendance and punctuality issues
  • rewards and star performers
  • achievement
  • school expectation
  • urgent notices relating to that day
  • planner and equipment checks
  • safety in and out of school

Learning For Life



We aim to provide our students with knowledge, skills and understanding to prepare them to play a full and active part in society, fostering a keen awareness and understanding of democracy, government and how laws are made and upheld. Our focus is to prepare our students to take their place in society as responsible citizens, manage their money well and make sound financial decisions.


Students learn employability skills so that they are well prepared for the next stage of their education, employment, self-employment or training. Careers play an important role in preparing our students for progression across all transition stages.

Personal, Social, Health, Sex and Relationship Education

  • Students gain an understanding of how to keep themselves safe from relevant risks such as abuse, sexual exploitation and extremism, including when using the internet and social media.
  • Knowledge of how to keep themselves healthy, both emotionally and physically, including through exercising and healthy eating, staying safe online and from all forms of bullying.
  • Personal development, so that they are well prepared to respect others and contribute to wider society and life in Britain.

How can you help your child?

You can talk to them about current affairs, news headlines, discuss political and financial matters, as well as subject and career choices.

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