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Caring for the environment and the community

02 June 2020  |  G Denison

Green-fingered Oli Hampson, a Year 9 student, has been doing his bit for the environment and for his local village. Oli, who lives in Danby Wiske, helped to plant two young horse chestnut trees on the village green on Good Friday. These trees were originally planted in pots and grown from conkers, so it was time for them to be planted out to establish themselves as features of the village green. Thanks to Oli, who has been caring for the trees since they were planted by watering them regularly, the trees are growing well and are flourishing in their new home.

Have you been out in your local area making a difference, like Oli? Have you helped to tidy your community, collected litter, planted trees or plants? We would love to hear about your environmental endeavours. Some pupils in Year 12 have been supporting ‘The Wombles of Hambleton’ in their litter picks – is this something you would like to be involved in?

The work we do on the environment today leaves a legacy for all those who follow in the future. The horse chestnut trees growing proudly on the Danby Wiske village green, thanks to Oli and his community, will always be known as the ‘lockdown trees’.

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