26 April 2021  |  G Denison

Do you or a parent, grandparent, uncle, niece, carer have an interesting local story to tell? Have you won an award? Raised money for a charity or have a funny local anecdote that you would be willing to share? Rebecca in Year 12, an aspiring historian, is looking to put together a Local History Project, consisting of these interesting stories.

If you have an interesting local story to tell, or know somebody in your family that might be interested in contributing to this amazing project, please email northallertonstories@northallertonschool.org.uk.

There is no limit on how long this piece of writing can be, and we would encourage, where at all possible for photos to be included in your message.

We are setting an initial deadline of June 4th to determine the level of interest in this project.

To make this project viable we are looking for at least 20 submissions, so any contributions would be greatly appreciated.

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