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Esafeguarding Your Child

Safeguarding students in school extends to students using communication technology by way of our computer network. We work hard to ensure our students' access to the world wide web is safe and level appropriate. Our connection to the internet has filters in place to avoid access to inappropriate sites and material and is monitored regularly.

However parents and carers should be aware that if their child owns a smartphone without filters in place, they are able to connect to the world wide web through their own internet connection, bypassing our filtered system altogether. If your child has a smartphone, then filters available from internet service providers or websites themselves should already be set up before the device is given to them, otherwise unfettered access to all that is available on the world wide web is free for them to explore. This can easily be communicated to other students' devices which are also without any filtering.

CEOP Ambassador

If any advice or help is needed relating to any aspect of E-Safeguarding, please contact our trained CEOP Ambassador (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) Mrs Nicola Ellis.

We hold informative E-Safeguarding sessions through the year, as part of Northallerton School's Key Stage 3 Parents Forum evenings. Various aspects of E-safeguarding, including online risks to children and ways to minimise these risks, are delivered and discussed and helpful literature, useful websites and magazines are available.

As part of our Key Stage 3 curriculum in PSHCE, we deliver age-appropriate E-Safeguarding sessions to all Year 7 and Year 9 students and liaises with visiting officers from North Yorkshire Police.

E-Safeguarding is an important part of the Northallerton School & Sixth Form ethos

This page will help provide information and advice for parents and students about keeping safe online. It will be reviewed and updated in line with our Local Authority's guidance, Effective E-Safety Practice for Schools (September 2012) and support the Government’s vision for improving online safety.

As technology is playing a bigger part in our students’ lives and the access to uncontrolled internet content forever on the increase, it is becoming ever more important that we need to keep children safe from online threats through promoting E-Safeguarding. We need to ensure that we are all aware of the risks involved and are being safe when using the internet. We will continue to educate our students via their tutor groups’ time and through assemblies on the importance of safety online.

Technology enhances learning, schools and colleges can do much to ensure students get the most from it by encouraging responsible online behaviour. On this page you will find links to some very useful websites, resources and documents which are available for download. These will provide you with information on all you need to know in order to stay safe online and have fun surfing! These resources will hopefully educate students and parents on how to improve and maintain the safety of their online presence.


Useful Links

Click CEOP to make a report directly to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre 

North Yorkshire Police Advice for Parents - Parental controls, setting boundaries, your child's online life.
Internet Matters - Helping parents keep their children safe online
IWF-Internet Watch Foundation - Reporting criminal online content including child sexual abuse images. Where to go and what to do.
Video chat and webcams - Safely use these apps
Facebook checklist - Who can see what?
UK Safer Internet Centre - Online safety guidance
Sexting - 'So You Got Naked Online' help booklet. Don't panic, things can be done. UK Safer Internet Centre
Thinkuknow- Website by CEOP Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (National Crime Agency)
Digizen - How to be a good 'Digital Citizen' by being aware and responsible
Childnet International - Non-profit organisation working with others to help make the internet a great and safe place for children.
Educate Against Hate - This website gives parents, teachers and school leaders practical advice on protecting children from extremism and radicalisation.
Parent Zone- Help and advice for families in a digital world

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