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Ethos & Values

At Northallerton School & Sixth Form College our ethos is embodied by our motto ‘being the best we can be’. All students and staff strive for excellence and to make the most of their unique skills, qualities and talents.

Our core values which underpin all our work in school are friendship, excellence and respect.




•We have the right to be free in our thoughts and beliefs.
•We have the right to be heard.
•We have the responsibility to listen to others and to speak in ways that do not cause offence or lead to aggression.

Mutual Respect
•We have the right to be thought of as valuable and worthwhile members of our community.
•We have the right to be treated as human beings of equal value, regardless of background.
•We have the responsibility to treat others in this way before we can expect to receive it.

•We have the right to be heard and listened to.
•We have the right to vote and make informed choices.
•We have the responsibility to allow democracy to work and to respect its outcomes.

The Rule of Law
•We have the right to be protected by the law.
•We have the right to be treated equally and fairly by the law.
•We have the responsibility to uphold the law regardless of our personal beliefs.

We promote core British values through our teaching, our community links and through our ethos. These values are crucial in preparing our students for life in Modern Britain. Ways in which we promote British values include:

  • Democracy
  • Local 'Democracy Days'
  • Free speech and the rule of law
  • Debates in the classroom
  • Close links with the local police, including 'drop-ins'
  • Human rights and individual liberty
  • Learning for Life curriculum
  • Tolerance and mutual respect
  • International links
  • Assemblies, Reflective Moment programme
  • Sense of community
  • The National Citizen Service actively recruits sixth formers and takes assemblies
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