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‘I was a pupil at Northallerton School all the way through to A-Levels and left to go to university in 2011 with three A Levels in psychology, English literature, English language and an AS level in textiles. I was inspired by one of my A-Level English teachers to go on to study English literature further at Northumbria University. I loved the subject and wanted to take it further and make teaching my career.

At university I loved the course and Northumbria Uni was an incredible environment. I learned so many life skills about independent working and managing my own time and priorities whilst enjoying student life. I was given immense support whilst dealing with a family crisis and that showed me that anything was possible if you want it enough.

After a placement in my third year at a secondary school in Newcastle, I decided that English literature or teaching wasn’t my plan and had to start thinking about what I did want to do when I graduated.

Deciding to take a different route, I went into events coordinating, starting with wedding planning and then ending up at Macmillan Cancer Support in York. After nearly a year on events management I was given the opportunity to start my own business, something that I had never considered and always assumed that that was what business graduates did!

Using what I learned whilst wedding planning and my love of weddings, I created a business plan and Victoria Robson Bridal opened in 2015, a bridal boutique in Northallerton. I threw everything I had into the business and worked long hours, marketing and getting my name out in the world. Using time management skills that I learned whilst at Uni, online courses and help from business advisors I learned to manage my own books, accounts and grow the business to what it is now. The business has been open 4 years this year and we have expanded into two shops and a team of seven.’

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