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We are very proud of Northallerton School & Sixth Form College because, together with staff, students, parents and carers, we are developing a strong community with the core values of excellence, friendship and respect at its heart. Everyone at Northallerton School & Sixth Form College is encouraged to be the best we can be in all that we do.

We are an 11-18 comprehensive school set in the county town of Northallerton. Since 1973, Northallerton has been served by two comprehensive schools about one mile apart – the Allertonshire School (11-14 middle deemed secondary) and Northallerton College (14-18).  On 2nd April 2015 these two schools merged to become a single 11-18 school ‘Northallerton School & Sixth Form College’, with approximately 1010 students on roll. More recently, on 1st September 2019, Northallerton School & Sixth Form College joined Areté Learning Trust, a Multi- Academy Trust, which also includes Stokesley School & Sixth Form College and Richmond School & Sixth Form College.

We have a clear understanding of the conditions required for effective learning and together we strive to:

  • Raise the achievement of all students thereby improving their life chances
  • Provide a relevant and engaging curriculum well matched to our students’ learning needs
  • Provide high quality learning experiences for all students in a modern learning environment
  • Work effectively to narrow the gaps in achievement for all students including disadvantaged and SEND
  • Create a culture of praise, a strong sense of community where our well-rounded young people feel safe to contribute and thrive

We have the belief that all students are unique and different and we aim to provide every child with the tools and strategies they need to become successful lifelong learners. To support them on this journey, we focus on the development of independent study in their Key Stage 3 years and guide them through a personalised learning experience to prepare them for Key Stage 4. One-to-one coaching is a unique feature of this process working with students, parents and teachers together to achieve individual goals and dreams.

We believe that as well as academic outcomes the development of the whole child is extremely important. Our curriculum aims to broaden character, skills and knowledge. We are developing many opportunities for students to learn beyond the classroom and school gates through our extra-curricular provision.

We are an aspirational and caring school where young people are at the core of everything we do in order to ensure they achieve their potential and are well prepared for their futures.

Mrs Vicki Rahn

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