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  • Please indicate three subjects you wish to follow and number them in order of preference 1-3.
  • Please also indicate a reserve subject that you may also be interested in studying (R).
  • The subjects must be in separate option lines (A-E).
  • For OCR Diploma courses you must pick both the Extended Certificate and Diploma options.
  • If you wish to follow the childcare diploma you should select only this.

English Literature History Art English Language Performing Arts
Religious Studies PE Biology Economics Further Maths
Maths Chemistry French Physics Geography
OCR Health & Social Ext. Cert. Product Design OCR Business Ext. Cert. OCR IT Diploma OCR Science Diploma
OCR Media Ext. Cert. OCR IT Ext. Cert. OCR Health & Social Diploma OCR Science Ext. Cert. Spanish
Diploma in Childcare & Education Extended Project Qualification

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