School Day


School start and finish times are unchanged

Start: All students on the School site by 8.40 and in Period 1 by 8.45am Finish : 3.15pm

Why the change?

We have moved to a split break and lunch to facilitate additional numbers of students on the one site.

How will this affect the dining room?

Students have the opportunity to have hot food before the school day and at break time and lunch time.

By staggering the break and lunch times, queues will be shorter, the dining room less crowded and students will be less hurried creating a more relaxed social dining environment.

8.40am All students to be present on school site. Back gate is locked.
8.45 to 9.15 Period 1 - All students in lessons
9.15 to 10.15 Period 2 - All students in lessons
Years 7,10,11,13 Years 8, 9*, 12
10.15 to 10.35 (3A) First Break Period 3 (3A)
10.35 to 10.55 (3B) Period 3 (3B & 3C) Second Break
10.55 to 11.35 (3C) Period 3 (3C)
Years 7,10,11,13 Years 8, 9, 12
11.35 to 12.15 (4A) First Lunch Make way to lessons at 12.10 Period 4 (4A & 4B)
12.15 to 12.35 (4B) Period 4 (4B & 4C)
12.35 to 1.15pm (4C) Second Lunch Make way to lessons at 1.10
1.15 to 2.15 Period 5 - All students in lessons
2.15 to 3.15 Period 6 - All students in lessons
3.25 pm Buses depart

*Year 9 PE

Tuesdays : 9Y-PE3 and 9Y-PE4 are on First break and have PE Periods 3B & 3C

Wednesdays : 9Y-PE1 and 9Y- PE2 are on First break and have PE Periods 3B & 3C

Thursdays : all students in 9X are on First Break and have PE Periods 3B & 3C

NB Sixth Form break and lunch will be a mixed combination of B and C Timings

If your child has a medical condition, which will be affected by these new timings, please inform your child’s Year Manager.