​Parents, Staff and Governors’ Association (PSGA)

The PSGA is a small, friendly group of Parents, Staff and Governors, whose main aim is:

  • To provide social events for the students and parents and to help out with refreshments at events such as concerts and open evenings.
  • To raise funds for school projects or items normally outside of the school’s mainstream budget.
  • To raise general issues concerning the school via the committee meetings.

The group meets once a month for around an hour and there is always an invited guest such as a Head of Faculty or a group of students to talk to the group. The Principal also attends to answer any questions.

Some items which the PSGA has helped to fund over the years…

Digital cameras
Animation pack
Team sweatshirts
Outdoor picnic benches
Contributions for extra curricular activities
School Planners
Sewing machines
PE equipment
Student badges

A message from Linda Maclean PSGA Secretary...​

“Being a member of the PSGA is a really special way of being a part of your child’s school and doing a rewarding and much appreciated job. That’s why so many people stay even after their children have long left the school. We are always looking for new members with new ideas and more pairs of helping hands. We have a very successful record and over the years have raised large amounts of money for much needed funds. If you would like to find out more about the PSGA or would like to join, then please contact me via the school or college. We would love to hear from you and you would be most welcome.”​