Science students made space travel a mission possible thanks to the technology of a virtual reality bus.

Over 130 students from Year 9 and Year 10 climbed aboard the Samsung VR bus to gain a further insight into the journey astronaut Tim Peake made into outer space.

The facility is packed with the latest gadgetry, including VR goggles that allowed the students to pilot the Soyuz spacecraft back into the Earth’s atmosphere and ‘talk’ to Tim in space through a simulated live feed.

The experience was the third involving the school in an initiative run by the London Science Museum and National Railway Museum, York.

Science Museum outreach workers Edo Giorgi and Deanne Naula visited school recently to stage the Soyuz Rocket Show, an hour of experiments designed to inspire young people in their scientific studies.

A party of 50 students also visited Tim’s capsule at the National Railway Museum, York, as part of the project.

Head of science Tom Simpson said: “Students really enjoyed the experience and I can tell they have been inspired. The ‘live’ feed from space was particularly effective and something children wouldn’t expect to do.”

Student Emma Hart, 14, of Great Smeaton, said: “It was amazing to feel like you were in a capsule and listening to Tim Peake was inspirational.”

Max Collins, 15, of Northallerton, added: “It does make you think about the opportunities out there for us. I’ve used VR goggles before but recreating the mission was amazing.”