PSHCE - Personal Social Health and Citizenship Education


We aim to provide a curriculum to prepare our students for life in modern Britain. This involves helping the students to acquire the knowledge and skills to manage their lives, stay safe and make the right choices, and thrive as individuals and members of society. In doing so, the learning opportunities in the programme of study should also support academic achievement by developing the skills of reflection, resilience, leadership, independence and collaboration.

Core Themes - The following themes underpin the curriculum in PSHCE:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • Economic wellbeing
  • Citizenship


The values and attitudes identified in the programme of study for PSHCE are explored in a number of ways to provide and balanced and thorough delivery, which is responsive to issues that arise in the community, the country and the wider world, so the curriculum content is regularly reviewed. Curriculum delivery includes; A timetabled weekly lesson for PSHCE in year groups, school and house assemblies, tutorial activities, collapsed curriculum days (Year 8 Crime Day/ Year 7 Health and Fitness Day), charity and enterprise activities, involvement of outside agencies (St Johns ambulance, PMNW Trust, Police, Fire service.), programmes provided for pupils with specific needs (Anger- management, SRE for specific students off-site), subject delivery/links to specified aspects of the curriculum (e.g Science, SRS, Geography, History), and 'event' or themed weeks (Anti-bullying week).

What students will study:

Year 7

Term 1.

  • What on earth is PSHCE?
  • Relationships - How should we learn together? Friendship, Dilemmas
  • Citizenship - Community
  • Health and wellbeing - E-safety, First Aid.
  • Achievements - Learning Review

Term 2.

  • Learning and Achievements - How do I learn?
  • SMARTS - learning styles
  • Health and Wellbeing - Road safety, fire safety, water safety, railsafety
  • Relationships - Bullying and the Law


  • Citizenship - school community campaign
  • Learning and Achievements - review and respond
  • Relationships - Team work - pulling together
  • Citizenship - Our political system
  • Health and wellbeing - Health & Fitness day

Year 8

Term 1

  • Why do we do PSHCE?
  • Relationships - Communication, emotions, body image, survival island.
  • Health and wellbeing - Divorce, bereavement, emotional well-being.
  • Achievements - Behaviour for learning, target setting, progress review

Term 2.

  • Health and wellbeing - Healthy eating
  • Relationships - Anti-bullying, Impact of prejudice, stereotyping, discrimination.
  • Citizenship - Our political system
  • Economic wellbeing - Revision, progress review

Term 3.

  • Health and wellbeing - E-safety
  • Citizenship - Being British, EU – In or Out?
  • Citizenship - Looking after the planet.
  • Health and wellbeing - Crime day
  • Achievements - Learning Review

Year 9

Term 1.

  • Why do we do PSHCE?
  • Economic wellbeing - Managing money
  • Citizenship - Campaigning/ charity
  • Health and wellbeing - Drugs
  • Economic wellbeing - Revision

Term 2.

  • Economic wellbeing - Employability, GCSE choices
  • Relationships - Anti-bullying, Relationships (SRE)

Term 3.

  • Economic wellbeing - Enterprise
  • Health and wellbeing - E-safety
  • Citizenship – Our political system, Being British, EU – In or Out, Law and justice
  • Achievements - Learning Review