What Our Parents Say

From Year 9 Parents Survey 2016

"What a brilliant school. Would highly recommend this friendly and positive school."

"Excellent, well lead."

"Staff appear to be very open and honest and care about the pupils in their care. The staff appear to be very approachable."

"Thank you for all of your help, you have listened to all of our concerns and dealt with them. I feel that you have a good teacher/ parent partnership in most cases."

"It's a great school, My child is happy there and he's doing really well academically."

"It is a good school with committed teaching staff."

"It's a good, well run school, kids enjoy themselves."

From Year 7 Parents Survey 2016

"The staff are very helpful, they treat the students with respect."

"It's a very good school. I would recommend it very much."

"Staff are very supportive and approachable."

"The school offers good opportunities to develop a range of social skills, it develops a strong sense of responsibility, a good range of extra-curricular opportunities and stretches students academically."

"I have found staff approachable and extremely capable."

"The teachers are great!"

"There are a lot of positive initiatives in the school and our child is progressing well."

What Our Sixth Form Parents Say

100% of parents have heard their child speak positively about their courses in Sixth Form

100% of parents felt their child was well supported by subject teachers

100% of parents said they were pleased with the choices their child had made

100% of parents said the learning environment in the Sixth Form was good

"My child came from another school and has settled in really well. Thank you for the support, much appreciated".

"My son is very happy with his choices and the college".